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The Field

 The Power of Movement in plants

The field is a synthetic ecosystem  that strives to create the feelings of a natural area.
A living, multi sensory experience that immerses the observer into cycles of day and night every 2.40 min. A designed experience of animated inanimate objects, that come into being while adhering to rules of shape, movement and time. "The field" invites the viewers to immerse themselves in the area as an essential yet not exclusive component in this environment.

The area is friendly, though not designed to accommodate people in a specific manner. The viewer has to correlate with the setting in order to experience "Nature", the design intends to suggest an attentive state of mind, open to experience unknown and ephemeral occurrences.



Eitan Bartel: Project Manager
Yoni Amit: Interaction Moderator
Omry Heller: Co-worker
Dan Glazer: Lighting
Ronen Shouker; Technological support
Moti Marcos Dorfman: Technological support
Sapir Tzur: Photograpy and editing



A group of flowers are spread out in the room. 
Each has a mechanical mechanism and a light-dependent behavior.

Each blooms at its own pace, but all bloom fully at day and fully closes  at night. The fields of mechanical flowers are an interactive constellation that reacts to the amount of light in the room. One of the flowers contains a light sensor that helps them distinguish between night and day.

Each flower is 70 cm in diameter, 110 - 125 cm in height.

Paper, 3D Printing, Arduino controller


The Reeds

This exhibition is a synthetic interpretation of the experience of  wind blowing through a field of reeds: the sensation of the hand touching the reeds, the sound of the reeds colliding gently in a spring-like motion.
The reeds are made of double-jointed rods of wood, connected by a stainless steel spring. 
An additional spring at the base of the rod serves as a second joint.
The reeds are sled in to place in transparent P.V.C. pipes, attached to the wooden base, and the whole structure is set on 360° wheels.
A windscreen wiper's motor is controlled by an Arduino and moves the field of reeds in a seemingly random movement. 

Wooden rods, LED tape, DC Motor

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The Retreat

The retreat is a resting place for contemplation. It is designed for three people to comfortably recline on. From time to time one ball deflates as another inflates, giving the feeling of an ancient creature, perhaps alive perhaps still. The movement created by inflation

and deflation has a gentle, non threatening rhythm. The rhythm of the breath soothes  and introduces a calm and tranquil state of mind. 

Lycra, elastic rubber, P.V.C. balls, compressor

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The Sephricons

The Sphericons are slow yet curious creatures. They wake up to a loud sound and start to turn slowly. The Sphericon is a member in the family of  kinetic rollers, moving objects that might require a nudge occasionally.  The Sphericons  have an ATtiny and are activated

by sound.

The Sphericon responds to sound. When its microphone registers a sound  above a certain set value, the microcontroller orders the engine to turn on  for a set amount of time. A Sphericon moves to the startling sound of  people or the occasional crow. Derived from its shape, the Sphericon's  path is curved and twist-y. Its slow movement and curious appearance places it on the border between an object and a creature.

3D printing, small robot, sensors, Arduino, silicon tubes

50x50x50 c"m.

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The Thicket

The thicket is both a hiding place and a resting place. You can thread your way through it or lay down and give in to boredom, feel the shadows on our body and fall asleep "under the grapefruit tree". Listen to the sounds of birds and insects that are played almost randomly. 
A mechanical movement creates repeating patterns through a slide show displayer and gives the feeling of leaves moving in the wind.


wooden poles, black silicon tubes, shrink tubes and red silk ropes, overhead projector