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Sea Creatures

The sea creature is a hybrid, crossbreeding

between a machine and an organic creature.

It resembles a colony that was spit out of the

ocean.  The colony maintains a regular schedule,

in which it comes to life and the observer can

hear its heartbeat and engine sounds. It grows

and inflates, changes its color and at the end

of the cycle it shrinks and dies. The exhibit is

theatrical almost circus like.

Inflating objects, a Lycra stretch net, a sound

device and slide projector.

Collective work  
for the Bat Yam Street Festival. 2017
As part of a master's degree in integrated design,

HIT Holon. 


Tami Edelman 
Ayelet Trlovsky
Sichi Gilad
Abigail Hunt
Orna Lalo

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