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An Urban Peephole

A velvet curtain partially hides a door. The image is taken from the world of seduction, of peep-shows and urban sex scenes. Through the peep hole, the observer sees a convex mirror, situated in the room. The reflection creates a multidimensional illusion in which the observer views himself surprisingly in various dimensions.

The mirror reflects the space, while around the observer an additional imaginary space is formed. Peeking combines physical as well as fantasy spaces and imaginary occurrences in our consciousness.

Peep holes situated on the city streets enhance the curiosity and the wandering experience. Peeking constitutes a transition from the public area into the private space. It involves the excitement and tension of a forbidden act.

An image is projected on the door from inside the room, a mirror facing the door, reflects both the projected images well as the reflection of the peeping observer. This creates a three dimensional illusion in which the observer sees themselves in a new space.

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